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Twisted Oak Farm & Residential Services, LLC.

We Started in late 2017 and incorporated in early 2018. We wanted to fill a big void in the homestead and small farm community. There was just nobody offering services to help with upkeep, pasture maintenance, reseeding, etc. It was all large businesses serving large farms and massive estates. We decided to change all that. We work to help the little farms go from zero to working. We can do light clearing and mowing, as well as full pasture building. We also have grown to have full pasture care services including GPS driven application and grass management. We can take an overgrown mess and turn it into a beautiful livestock pasture. As of spring 2023, we offer full sawmill services. We have a fixed mill that in its current setup will handle 30' logs up to 16' 7'' long. Our kiln can process specialized pieces up to 38' long.

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1 (501) 304-6829

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