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Twisted Oak Farm Goat Breeding and Sales

Starting in January 2023 we will be embarking on a complete revamp of our herd and facilities. We plan to begin construction on our new Goat Barn/Office right after Christmas. We are a member of the American Goat Society. We currently have a full blood registered male. We are in the process of transferring his registration to our farm. We will begin offering full breeding services after the last frost in the spring. We are currently building breeding and weaning pens as well as separate shelters in each. We participate in the scrapie program and ALL sale animals  that aren't registered have scrapie tags. We keep all animals current on vaccinations as well as have full records for every animal. Don't hesitate to give us a call to schedule a visit.

Here are a couple of pictures of some of the goat kids born on the farm out of a different breeding program. As you can tell, they enjoy their feed. They even camp out in the feed pans close to feeding time. All goat sales include feed information. We offer single day feed to take home in order to assist in the adjustment after a sale. This is free of charge.

This is Loki, our Registered Buck. The first picture is the day we purchased him. He has been a great addition to our farm. The second image is right after his not so favorite activity, a bath. He is now the king of the castle. He is very friendly and gentle with everyone. His favorite activity is following you around like a puppy and stealing things from your back pockets.

Christmas Babies

We had 2 girls born early Christmas morning. Meet Noel (speckled) and Holly (black with white spots). These came from Bettie and Loki.

Stevie's Triplets

These 3 were born 2 days after Christmas. There are 2 boys, Angus & Archie and 1 girl, Grace. Grace is brown with the dark stripe down her back.

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