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Welcome to the Mill!

We look forward to working with you. We are currently custom milling hardwoods as well as cutting standard dimensional lumber. If you have a project that needs specialized pieces, or you just want to have the old oak out back cut into slabs; we can help. We can provide the logs or can mill what you have. We even offer, as a service, tree cutting. We can take the trees you have and turn them into lumber or project pieces.

Our Mill is a Norwood LM30 and is set up to handle up to 30" logs up to 16' 9" in length. We can mill very precise thicknesses and also can run live edge very easily. We also have the ability to extend our cut lengths with relative ease. Milling over 16' 9" should be scheduled a couple of months in advance at this time.

We set up our kiln using a 40' high cube shipping container as our starting point. We have the ability to precisely control temperature, air flow, and humidity in order to help prevent warping and cracking. This also allows us to run separate runs of firewood when we aren't drying lumber.

Please call us for more information

1 (501) 304-6829

Mill Rates

We offer kiln services to dry down your lumber. This is a separate cost and will vary based on the type of material being dried as well as the end product desired. On all customer logs, there is a blade fee associated if damage occurs during milling due to foreign objects in the log(s). All prices are subject to change without notice except signed and approved quotes which are price locked.

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